Epididymal Hypertension | More than One Cause?

A widely known cause of epididymal hypertension stems from aroused men, young or old, whom have had a stiffy for too long but did not ejaculate. Epididymal hypertension is the proper medical term used to describe this unforgotten pain, while “blue balls” has been loosely used. Although this pain is commonly associated with a scenario many men have encountered, epididymal hypertension can occur from wearing boxers or no underwear, which offer little or no support.

For the man who cannot wear boxers or “go commando” from lack of support, Frii Wilii answers the problem. Frii Wilii offers men the ability to virtually “go commando” without being exposed. The good feeling sentiment of Frii Wilii is comparable to going commando—only with support!


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